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We provide a spectacular blend of cutting edge web design, gorgeous photography, cinematic film editing, and competitive marketing strategies that we use to create the business that you deserve.

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Aren’t you tired of thinking about starting your own business or starting and stopping because you ended up stuck on a step?

We understand that taking the leap into creating your business isn’t easy and it can be frustrating when you just want to done with tedious work of setting up.

How many of us have started and given up? Many of us, because we didn’t have the help that we needed.

That’s where the Valiant Haus comes in. We’re a team of creative directors that are passionate about people, results, technology, and fine quality. 

Use our passions to start the business or scale the business that you envision. 

Our specialties are creative solutions and streamlining companies for maximum effectiveness. Kaizen, anyone? 

The Valiant Haus was made for the brave that made the leap or want more. 

Are you ready to achieve?  Work with the Valiant Haus.


Our Services

web design

We’ll create a magnificent web design that is build with strategy to ensure that is optimized to get the results that you want to achieve.

web development

We’ll take care of registering your domain, setting up the hosting, install software, build scripts if needed. We’ll do everything to ensure that your web presence is smooth. From back end to front end we’ll take care of it.  

graphic design

We will create stellar custom graphics for all platforms including but not limited to your website,
social media outlets, and print collateral.


Whether you want a striking corporate head shot or a polished selfie we will ensure that you look amazing. You’ll have your own photographer that will work with you and help create the shoot you want and we’ll edit the photos.

video production

We scout the location, film the scenes and also edit the footage. Everything from pre to post can be done. Yes, beautiful B-Roll will be included.

Audio Production

We’ll help with pairing the appropriate music to the media of your choice, along with coming up with podcast topics, recording, editing, and enhance as needed to ensure that your audio is perfect for listening pleasure.

digital marketing

We’ll create custom content for your media presence which includes but is not limited to optimizing your website’s SEO to increase traffic, updating your Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and any platform you are on or want to be on we’ll grab your audience’s attention.

Business Solutions

We will scout, hire and train your talent to be at optimum performance for your company’s needs.
Along with working with you to ensure that your processes are streamlined and create the best
strategy for your success.


Which services do you most need? Don't worry as you will be able to select more options in the process.


  • Company Branding
  • Business Cards
  • Company Headshot(s)
  • Company Profile Video
  • Company Website


a la carte

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Content Creation
  • Web Development & Design
  • Event Management

Online Instructor

  • Course Creation
  • Workbook Creation
  • Course Website
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Production

Our Partners


Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
  1. Schedule a consultation with us and we will do a deep dive into your business venture. We’ll find out what your needs, wants, and goals. Then we’ll go over what is needed to achieve the results that you need.
  2. After the consultation you’ll receive a proposal for service. It’ll detail the strategy plan, services needed and expectations.
  3. After the proposal has been approved to move forward you’ll receive the contract that will outline the project in detail.
  4. Upon receiving the signed contract we get to work and initial deposit we get to work!
  5. We setup times throughout the process to ensure you’re updated and see the project developing until complete.

Aren’t you tired of waiting? Start your business now.

Although, we are a luxury creative agency we make our services available to all. To ensure that we achieve that goal we offer flexible billing. Below are our options:

  • 50/50
    • Pay 50% of the project cost in your deposit and the remainder at completion of the project.
  • 34/33/33
    • Pay 34% of your project cost in the initial deposit, a 33% payment will be scheduled mid-project, and the remaining 33% at the completion of the project.
  • 25/25/25/25
    • Pay 25% of the project cost in the initial deposit, then two payments of 25% each will be schedule mid-project, and the remaining 25% once the project is complete.
  • Custom

Below are all of the available payment methods that we accept. 

Yes, absolutely. We love putting together customized packages to fulfill the needs you have. 

Feel free to click the link below to submit your custom project information.

Submit Custom Project

Yes, we do create signature wordmark logos only. 

We do not create logos that include emblems and icons.

We understand the entrepreneur mainstream image. The image that the entrepreneur must do it all.

How long have you been working on your website only to find out need a certain type of software and you become frustrated?

How many times have you tried to get your business organized, but you’re still using multiple programs to complete one task?

It’s time to bring in the experts so that you can do what you want to do, which is running and managing your company and not chasing down what the best marketing plan is or hoping your assistant can create the beautiful web presence you envision.

In short we save you time, money, frustration, and give you what you deserve.

What’s your next step? It’s time to setup your complimentary consultation with us.

Luxury Creative Agency that specializes in multimedia and business solutions.