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What I Offer


I’ve been told my energy is contagious. I use ALL of that energy to experience the depths of your struggles and size of your obstacles. With that understanding, I guide you towards growth. 


This is KNOT your average therapy. All sessions, courses and workshops are designed to create AH-HA MOMENTS…but only to the extent that you’re comfortable. I mix a healthy dose of talk with a health dose of experiential work…all within your comfort zone.


Because I know how hard this can be and I will go there with you. And then, when the time is right, we will move together to different ways of seeing towards new ways of being, doing and having.


Whether you’re meeting me in person, online or through one of my classes, you’re space is ALWAYS respected. We move at your pace and within your comfort. You are the EXPERT…I’m the guide.

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