adgile media

Get The Biggest BANG for your dollar!

Agile Media Group is the first ever tech-enabled, nationwide truck-side advertising company that uses state of the art audience insights to track just how big that bang is! 

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Demonstrable ROI

Adgile's state of the art, audited technology tracks not only how many people saw your campaign, but also how many were converted into a sale.

Unpaid Amplification

Studies show that when brands pair Adgile placements with social media campaigns, they enjoy a 300% increase in reach.

Head Turning Creatives

Adgile's UltraView Technolofy finds the best way to position your advertising creative on this new medium to make your advertisement pop!

Flexible Campaigns

Adgile advertisements were built to be changed! U[date your creative to make your messages match the mood of the moment.

Unmatched Frequency

By leverageing Adgile's fleet of vehicles, advertisers can quickly and efficiently blanket top markets nationwide in a way that cannot be ignored or skipped.

Superior Efficacy

Dollar for dollar, Adgile is proven to be 4x more effective than advertising on Bus sides, and 6x more effective than advertising on Billboards


Earn more while you drive! 


We install industrial-grade velcro frames to the sides of trucks and provide an advertisement that will be displayed for the first 3-6 months.


Once a month, you send a picture of the advertisement using our app to ensure that advertisements are clean and correctly installed.


At the end of each month, each participating partner earns $350 per truck.


At the end of a given advertising period, we send technicians to replace the advertising creative for the next campaign.