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During our first session, I get to know you and you get to know me! First sessions are usually designated for assessments (questions designed to give me a snapshot of where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to go).

I’ve designed our first session to be as beneficial for you as it is for me. My questions are thought-provoking and motivational. Most people walk away from our first session with a lot of insight and understanding about themselves and their relationships. Most people are ready to get started ASAP!

At the end of our first session, I’ll let you know my thoughts about moving forward and my recommendations on how our time together can look. I’ll invite you to express your comfort with me and my recommendations. 

Ahhh! The question of the year! I’m cringing as I’m about to give you the dreaded answer… that depends. There, I said it. But it really is so true. 

Some people are looking for a therapeutic partner to process life with. Some people are looking to solve a problem and then move on. Some couples are just starting to get into negative patterns and may just need a few months. Other couples have much deeper hurts, either with their partner or from their past, and may need support for a longer period of time. 

What I can tell you is that your goal is my goal and I know that most people want to feel better fast. I honor that by giving my whole self to every session while revisiting your goals to make sure that we’re moving in the direction you desire.  

I always like to meet you and understand what’s going on for you before I make this recommendation. 

For most people, I recommend every week or every other week to start. Its best to build our momentum so that we can develop a strong working relationship and you so that you can start to see changes in you life and with your relationships. 

Momentum is ESPECIALLY important if you are starting couples counseling. When changing your patterns and understanding of each other, its easy to fall back into old habits. 

My courses are RICH with experiential activities and full of prompts to help you feel like we are working right next to each other. They’re designed for couples at all stages of their relationship. This is for couples who are connected and want to keep growing their relationship, as well as for couples who have developed some negative patterns. 

Given the online nature of the courses, live intervention will not possible. Couples experiencing crisis, rigid thinking, and deep resentments may see more benefit with live therapy sessions. 

Individual counseling sessions are 50 minutes long and are $125/session. 

Couples and family sessions are 60-70 minutes long and are $140/session. 

To make the most of counseling, I LOVE it when people continue “our work” together outside of our session. I’m always giving my clients ideas on what to do and how to implement the work we do together. 

To get pricing on my workshops (SO MUCH FUN!) and my INNER active courses (PRICELESS), click on the link under “Let’s Make It Better.” 

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